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Terms & Conditions

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WIX Brokerage Portal Website: We design your website on the free version of WIX. The Free Version comes with WIX banners, WIX Branding, and a domain. If you would like to add your domain, or remove their banner ad, you will need to upgrade to the Light Version, currently $16/month ($200/Year). Once we transfer the site, we can assist with getting your domain integrated. 

Timeframe: We complete your web design in 10 to 14 business days. 

Media Provided by You: Headers, logos, area photos, and headshots should be in hi-resolution uploaded on the order form. All images should be in a horizontal (landscape) format and labeled for the section you would add them to. Unless you have permission, or purchase graphics, DO NOT download images or copy media from the internet. All graphics should be owned by you and you should have the rights to use them. We are not responsible for copyrighted material used on your site if that content was provided by you.

Media Provided by Us: We use paid, or free media and content provided by services we subscribe to. We design everything in Canva and DO NOT use content from unknown sources. 

Where To Download Pictures And Media Legally: - Free Graphics and Media - Free Graphics and Media - Paid Graphics & Media

Video Headers: You can send us a link to a YouTube video you own and we can make it a video header on your home page. The video loops after about 30 seconds, so try to make it short. We also will create a generic one if you prefer, or a RE/MAX Video if you are a RE/MAX Brokerage.


Revisions: You will receive 3 revisions on your WIX Brokerage Portal site. Revisions are defined as slight changes to the web design and not a complete redesign of the original order. To submit a revision, create a list of changes to be made. Once the requested changes have been made, revision 1 is complete.  The next list would be revision 2. If needed, the final 3rd revision list should be sent. Email all revision requests to: Once revisions are completed, the order is finalized.

Delays: Delays will occur if the information we need is not provided in a timely manner. Graphics and content should be uploaded, or emailed to at the time of order to prevent delays. 


FAQ Section: Frequently asked questions on kvCORE design.

Payment: We charge for the web design at the time the order is made. 

Domains: We will assist with the integration of your Brokage/Agent Portal.

Brokerage Web Designs: Please see the design options under the Pricing Section above. 

Multi-Location Brokerages: If you choose a different portal for each office, we are happy to help. We will discount the fees Multi-Office locations. Just send and email to for a quote. Please include how many offices you need us to do. 

Our Portfolios: Once the site is completed, you give us permission to use your brokerage portal website as part of our site portfolio.

Additional Questions: If you have additional questions, please send an email to

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