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How Long Does A Site Design Take?

From start to finish, the website is completed in about 10 to 14 business days.


Do You Only Create RE/MAX MAX/TECH by kvCORE Websites?

We work on the kvCORE Platform. So, anyone who uses kvCORE can use our services.

Do You Work For RE/MAX, LLC, or Inside Real Estate (kvCORE)?

We do not work for RE/MAX, LLC, or Inside Real Estate (kvCORE).

How Do I Contact You?

You can contact us via email at

What Do You Need From Me To Create The Website?

See the link below which takes you to our order forms page, for more details on what we need to complete your site. 

If I Use My Own Pictures or Images, What Are The Requirements?

  • If You provided pictures and images, they should be owned by you and not copyrighted. We are not responsible for fines for using copyrighted material. Make sure your pictures and images are ORIGINAL. DO NOT download images or copy content from the web. 

  • Provided pictures and images should be in the following format:

    • Header Pictures and Images: Hi-Res 1600w x 650h pixels

    • 9 Block Featured Areas: 440w x 300h pixels - We need 9 and they must be labeled. We will only create featured areas for the pictures provided. 

    • Headshot: One 400w x 400h pixels to show up to the right of your office logo

  • Our order forms will ask for the downloads. You can also email them to If the file is too large send a link to the email as to where they reside in Dropbox, or Drive.

  • Below the FAQs there are links to more information.

Where Can I Find Additional Pictures And Images?​

Sites for Images: - FREE Graphics available for download - FREE Graphics available for download

Shutterstock - These are great paid images.

What If I Would Like To Use A Video Header?

We can use a generic video, or RE/MAX, or you can send us a link in the order process to the YouTube video you would like to use. Below the FAQ section, there is link to more information.

What Are Your Payment Options?​

We use all the major credit cards. Prior to starting your design, we collect 50% of the payment and a final payment is charged once the work is done (after the revisions). 


What Is Your Design Process?

  • Gathering Data - The kvCORE order form you fill out has the data we need to design your site, including images you provide (if applicable). ​​

  • Below the FAQ section, there is a link for more information. 

Who Hosts The kvCORE Website?

No hosting is needed. kvCORE is a cloud based website and managed by Inside Real Estate. 

What If I Want A Vanity Domain?

We can guide you to where to make a request in your kvCORE Dashboard.

Can I Update kvCORE Myself?

Absolutely. kvCORE has a lot of features you can edit yourself. We access the areas that can be edited without having  to create a Word Press site and integrating everything. 

Do You Do Any Kind Of SEO For kvCORE Websites?

We work on the "Areas We Cover" section on your home page. Unfortunately, this is one of the only places to help SEO on a kvCORE website.  We recommend you also do a Blog consistently on your kvCORE site to gain additional SEO. 



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