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kvCORE Multi Photo custom header example

Muti-Photo Example - 3 Separate Pictures

kvCORE custom header photo example

Single Photo

Drone of Bridge Video

Generic Area Video Header 

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Sample Featured Area Widget (9 Area)

Featured Areas In The Villages and Surrounding Areas

Featured Area Widgets are displayed on your home page you can select up to 9 areas which can include, cities, towns, zip codes, retirement communities, pool homes, waterfront, etc. Separate each with a comma. 

Featured Area Widget Options

Local Featured Areas

Living Area | Local Area (You Provide) | Map Area

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Service Area Example

Service Area Example

SEO Service Areas are located towards the bottom of your home page. We will tweak them down 15, or less, to reflect your service area. These must be the Only Cities you serve. Please separate each area with a comma. Note: This will also be the Featured Areas we create in the top dropdown menu. 

Example Dropdown Menu

Website Drop Down Menu

Menu Dropdown Text

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Reviews - Please copy and paste reviews in the next area. Separate text with an *. Please use the following format example: * Client Name as you want it to appear(John, or Jane Doe), Text of the review (Agent name was awesome), then rating (5 Star, 4 Star, etc). Then start next review with another *

Example Of How Review Will Appear On Home Page

Review Sample kvCORE Website

Renaming First Two Top Menu Fields

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Default Of Two Top Menu Fields

Our Listings Example on kvCORE

Add Facebook Chat To kvCORE Website

Enter your Facebook Business Page Link Below. Cannot be your personal Facebook account

Add Google Analytics To kvCORE Website

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Buyer's, Seller's, And Staging Guides

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Default Listing Sort

This is how listings are sorted on your website by default. (listings themselves)

Default Display Sort

This is how listings display when doing searches on your website by default.

Let's Get Social Section

Let's Get Social Example Graphic for kvCORE webdesign

3 Revisions

Once we notify you that the site is complete, you will have the option for 3 revisions. Please read terms and conditions for more information.

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