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What You Get With Diamond

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Keep current header, replace current header with a generic header created by us, or you provide us with one you would like to use. We can use images, or video for your header. If we are designing a brokerage site, we recommend local shots, or videos. Options: One Photo, Multi Photos (generic images from kvCORE options), Multi Photos (You  send hi-res photos to use), Generic Life Video, Generic Living Area Video, Generic RE/MAX Video, You have a video for us to use, or keep Header the same

NOTE: Size specifications for any provided images will be sent with in our site site set up via initial phone, or Zoom meeting. 

What we recommend:

Provide us with a local shot that isn't under a copywrite. (If you copy something off the internet, it is most likely copywritten. images should be hi-res pictures. We can also use video of your area. We want your site to look as local as possible. 


Example Header for Custom Work on a kvCORE website.


Luxury Home in Nokomis, FL

Single Photo

Example video for kvCORE background of drone going over a bridge

Area or Life Videos

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Secondary Logo

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What we recommend:

For agents: A headshot (Great into to your website).

For teams: A team logo if possible. We can also add RE/MAX Collection logo, or a RE/MAX Commercial logo if you specialize in commercial properties. 

For brokerages: A RE/MAX Collection logo, or a RE/MAX Commercial logo if your office specializes in either niche.

Agent Headshot

Example of custom headshot in header in second logo area on a kvCORE website

Secondary Logo

Example of custom team logo in header in second logo area on a kvCORE website

Second Brokerage Logo

Example of branded office logo in header in second logo area on a kvCORE website
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9 Block Featured Areas Widget

The Featured Area Widget is a great way to highlight areas you service. The featured area gives you additional credibility for the areas you cover.

Featured Areas Example 1

example of custom featured area in kvCORE

Option 1 

Option 2

Option 3

Option 1 - Generic - We Provide | Option 2 Area - You Provide | Featured Area Map - We Provide

Featured Areas Example 2 (Up To 9 Blocks)

example of custom featured area in kvCORE

Examples of Featured Areas You Provide

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Dropdown Menu Up to 15 Areas

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Up to 15 Dropdown areas. These will match your 15 "Areas We Cover" at the bottom of your page. We name the the Dropdown as Featured Areas.


What we recommend:

Select your service areas. Your brokerage may have a wider service area on their main site. 

Sample Of Dropdown Menu

Example of custom dropdown menu on kvCORE website

Sample Of "Areas We Cover" (Dropdown Menu Will Match This)

Example of custom text on kvCORE website
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Review Section (+25 Reviews)

You would provide us with up to 25 of your reviews and we would input them into your kvCORE website. Brokerages can be set up to adopt agent reviews and display on the brokerage website. 

Sample Review - You Provide Reviews

Example custom reviews on kvCORE website
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Rename Unremovable Menu Area

Blue feature bullet graphic

Unremovable menu areas are areas that cannot be removed from the website. They can be renamed, which is what we recommend. The defaults are Our Listings and Sell. We feel this does not depict what the values actually mean. The default Sell is linked to a Home Valuation lead capture and Listings defaults to the agent's listings, or office listings on the brokerage websites. 

What we recommend:

On the example screenshot below, we used Featured and Home Value. Another value that could be used is My Listings and Home Valuations. If you would like something different you can name them anything you like. 

Sample Custom Renamed Unremovable Menu Names for kvCORE websites.

kvCORE Default 

Sample Custom Renamed Unremovable Menu Names for kvCORE Websites

Renamed Unremovable Menu Names

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SEO Service Areas (Up to 15)

By default every area in your MLS will show here. We take the entire list down to up to 15 areas. These 15 areas are also what we set as the dropdown menu (See above). Like Featured Areas, Areas We Serve, etc. 

What we recommend:

Make this local areas you serve. This is also where SEO comes into play on kvCORE websites. We optimize the areas and create SEO behind the scenes. 

Example of service areas on kvCORE website
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Facebook Chat Setup

You must have a Facebook Business Page to add this Chat. Once you do, we can add the chat with your Facebook Business Page link. The page should be created before ordering to prevent delays. The feature works like Facebook Messager on your personal Facebook. You can chat live, or reply to a message at a later time. To access your business messenger on your mobile device, you will need to download the Facebook Business Suite App from Google Store, or Apple iTunes. 

Example of Renamed Unremovable Menu Names

Chat Feature

Grey feature bullet graphic

Google Analytics

Create a Google Analytics and we can add Google Analytics to your website. This feature is great for finding out where your web traffic is coming from and how many people are visiting your site. (Must have a vanity domain for this to work. Like You should have the information for us prior to ordering. 

Google Analytics Logo
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3 Landing Pages

We will create 3 landing pages (Buyer's, Seller's, and a Home Staging Guide) with hashtags so you know the lead came in from. This is a lead capture tool. We provide a generic pdf, or you can send us your guides and we will be happy to use them. 

Note: Office Logos cannot be changed unless your brokerage changes them. Logos are pulled from the main brokerage website. 

Example of a Landing Page in kvCORE

Sample Landing Page

What is a Landing Page? A landing page is a customizable full-page advertisement that you can build to accomplish pretty much any ad strategy you have in mind. All of the leads captured are delivered directly into your kvCORE CRM database.

Grey feature bullet graphic

45 Squeeze Pages

We generate area squeeze pages based on the Service Areas you chose above. We will create up to 45 with hashtags. If you do not choose areas, we will use areas as they appear in your dropdown until we have used up the 45 pages. We select Active Listings, Market Reports, and Seller Home Values for the areas. 

What is a Squeeze Page? A squeeze link is a special link that you create to use in advertisements or social media posts. When the potential lead clicks on this link, the potential lead sees a list of properties all matching the criteria specified, and the system records that the link was clicked. If you connect a hashtag to this link, then that hashtag will be assigned to that potential lead when they register. It's specifically designed for you to be able to see how many people clicked on the link, and how many of them became leads. Using hashtags, it can also tell you which leads came from which advertisements.

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Default Listing Sort

We will change the setting for the default on how listings are displayed. If you prefer, you can always keep them the same as you already have them. 

Sample of available defaults in kvCORE for sorting listings

Available Defaults For MLS Listings

Grey feature bullet graphic

Default Listing Display

Searches can be displayed in a grid, list, and map format. See below for samples on how each will appear on your website. 

Sample of default display in kvCORE

Default Listing Display Backend Setting

Sample Grid Display in kvCORE

Sample Grid Display

Sample List Display in kvCORE

Sample List Display

Sample of map display in kvCORE

Sample Map Display

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Get Social Graphic w/Links

We have learned a hack to add some graphics to your page. The Get Social Graphic can be added. You provide the social links, and we take care of the rest. 

Sample custom Lets Get Social Graphic for kvCORE Home page

Sample Get Social Graphic

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3 Revisions

Blue feature bullet graphic

Once we notify you that the site is complete, you will have the option for 3 revisions.

What we recommend: 

Go through your entire website and send us a list of all items you want us to revise (the list would count as 1 revision no matter how many items are on it. We close the job out once all 3 revisions are completed, or you give us notification the website is clear.

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